Before you download our sheet music, please read this about your GEMA-obligation!

We try to use English as main language as much as possible. Since German is the original language, and all information here is automatically being pulled out of our German database it is so far not completely avoidable that some German still pops up in some places. In spite of this we hope that most of it is still readable enough for you to find your way around.

A translation of instrumentation and abbreviations is here: download abbr. info (pdf, 51.4 KB)

Note: all (chamber)music usually comes complete with partition and parts.
Regarding our orchestra music (and other large ensemble scores) the download usually consists of the complete score and solo parts (if present). The set of orchestra parts is for hire on demand. Please contact vierdreiunddreissig:

More music is welcome! Information on how to join this project as a composer, you find here: FAQ.

We continuously extend the lists of instrumentation and composers.

Until today we offer music by:

Beckschäfer, Max
Bock, Carsten
Cristales Armas, Mauricio
Dobreff, Anika
Girnatis, Walter
Grünter, Markus
Haldenberg, Franz
Haimann, Rodolphe
Hofmann, Dorothea
Hirschfeld, C. René
Jung, Holger A.
Kälberer, Oliver
Kan-no, Shigeru
Kiesewetter, Peter
Kuhlmann, Christoph
Liakakis, Periklis
MacDonald, Andrew
Morandell, Robert
Nold, Hartmut
Petit, Jean-Louis
Pócs, Katalin
Robinson, Bradford
Runchak, Volodymyr
Schiffbauer, Horst
Schwenk, Fredrik
Spring, Rudi
Stolzenburg, Birgit
Wagner, Silvan
Winkler, Hans Josef
Yu, Man-Ching Donald